This page contains information about the latest developments.

Summer 2017:

Hi Guys - Hope everyone is groovy. It's been awhile since I've posted. I've been currently doing a lot of shows with my band Chillin Sun, mainly on the West coast of America, I post a lot of the upcoming gigs on my Facebook page, so check in there to see what I'm up to.

I've played on a few records as well, my friend Scott Stratton asked me to put some bass on his newest release Sigmund Fried, entitled "Psychobabble". Always fun to catch up with my good mate, Dave Chuchian, "Chooch" on drums, cool odd time signatures and some spacy material on this release. Pulled out and dusted off the old 8 string Fernandes I got from Scott Uchida years ago to play, as well as my trusty ESP Vintage 4 with my old Ampeg classic head. John Prpich engineering, the baddest guy I know with no vowel in his name, recorded at his studio, RADD studios in Los Angeles, Cali.

I got together with another old friend, Michael Lee Jackson, did some writing and playing on his new LP called "Death by Sunshine". I co wrote the track "Room with a View" and played bass. World famous Nick Blagona, who has recorded everyone from Purple to April Wine and anyone who used Le Studio in Quebec, engineered these tracks, and he and his partner Mary are quite the power couple as these sessions were not only fun, but the culinary skills of Mary made the music even more enjoyable. Thanks Michael & Nick, let's do it again as there is more from where that came from.

Now Chillin Sun as been busy as well - we recorded "10 Drunk Summers long" with Dave Moreno on drums from Puddle of Mudd fame, and the bass tracks sound killer as well as the songs and the singing- You can pickup your copy or digital download straight from Apple Itunes. Kenny Kanowski does a great job on this and engineered this as well- Get it here: Ten Drunk Summers Long by Chillin Sun on Apple Music.

I also was invited to play on a record for "Rock against Trafficking" which is the brainchild of Gary Miller, World famous producer. This is for quite a good cause and I'm happy he called me. All the tracks are covers of Police songs, and the track I played on is Synchronicity II. Certainly a highlight for me as I'm playing with Journey on this track. Yes that's right, Schon, Cain, Smith and Arnel Pineda. The album has several big names on it, including Santana, Heart, Cheap Trick, Rob Thomas, etc. It is supposed to come out this summer, and I thank Sammy Aliano and Gary Miller for my involvement. Purchase this as the proceeds go to The Rock against Trafficking cause that brings awareness to Human trafficking in this day & age all over the World.

I recently had a tune-up with Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden that was a lot of fun and hope we can get together and do it again soon when you're off the road. Also, look for the re-release of the 1st Lion record, Dangerous Attraction. I just heard about this, and I think it will be remastered and expanded upon with new interviews and pictures from that time frame, See you on the road this summer, stay safe and keep in touch.

Winter 2015:

Greetings and Happy New Year 2015!

I hope that everyone has a great new year in 2015.

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to update the news part of my site- I enjoy answering and communicating with each and everyone of you and I appreciate the kind words and the fact that you take the time out of your schedules to email me- In recent times, I've been in your part of the world at some point or another- I've been fortunate that my phone has been ringing and I've had a chance to work with some great people. I did some work with Manny Charlton, a great Scotsman who wrote a considerable amount of Nazareth material- We went South into Mexico and Brasil and played a number of gigs including festivals, which was highlighted by the fact that Manny has so many dedicated, adoring fans that have supported him through his solo and Nazareth days. I got to share the stage with some new faces, as well as some old friends- Shouts out to Robin DeLorenzo, keep it up girlfriend, you are talented and just a phone call or a text away, my friend Matt Fullove, who I've actually played a lot of gigs with now, young and full of fire,we will continue to rock the other corners of the world, mon frere. Mr. McGrath, I appreciate the work. Cool to share the stage with Steve Priest, Joe Retta and Stevie.

I cut tracks with Gary on some records with some really talented people as well as doing some gigs. The "Love is a four-letter word" sessions were great, the talent lineup was impressive- All this material is available on Itunes, Spotify, CDuniverse and ReverbNation, for those of you that have been asking- Good times with Ann-Marita, Brian Friedman (RIP), Dean M, Brian Head, just to name a few. Great times also doing the KHTS tv and radio show with the legendary Stephen K. Peeples.

Also, Big Thanks go out to Kevin Cloud, fantastic drummer, as well as owner of Hubbadaddy's studio. Along with some other great teachers' there, we run an afterschool music program that has benefited the community as well as turn out some great talent and I'm humbled and grateful to be able to impart my teaching and wisdom I've learned along my musical journey to these superstars of tomorrow- Also, I wanted to send thanks to Peter Lennon and Helen Frater, which we couldn't have done it without you.

Some other fun, memorable gigs have been with the Young Gunns, Alistair Tober and my old mate, Kenny Korade. Great 80's throwback gigs, always a great time had by all. I got to play China for the first time in my career alongside Max, Dave Baker and Leland Grant~ Also, recorded with Michael Lee Jackson, solo artist as well as guitarist for Ian Gillan, with Nick Blagona engineering- That record will be coming out this year and we will probably tour to support it- Went to Seattle and Canada and did some gigs with the Jumping Jack Flash band, which is a Rolling Stones tribute band, nice working with Young, Joe, Pat and the young John McCracken, a fine drummer with a cool haircut.

Currently, I'm working with an old friend, Kenny Kanowski in a band called Chillin Sun. 2 different drummers in that band both named Dave, Dave Moreno and Dave Casanova. We've done a bunch of gigs together, almost 90, and we are starting to write for this new project. We should have a record out by summer 2015 and I will keep you posted on the progress.

I wanted to Thank Chris Cannella from ESP, who I began working with last year, and has provided me with some great basses, You ROCK, dude- Also, I recently found out that one of my old Lion bass's is hanging in the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow- pretty cool.

Over and Out until next time- Be Peaceful to each other.

Winter 2013:
Hello my friends,

I've been fairly busy, which is a good thing. I do try to get to all your emails, as I personally like to reply to each and everyone. Without your support, my career would not be, and I thank you for that.

I just did some bass tracks for Michael Lee Jackson, a guitarist/songwriter whom you've seen with Ian Gillan for the last 10 years. Engineering was Nick Blagona, who is accredited with many a fine album going back to the 70's. Just Google his name. Anyway, I co-wrote Michael's single for that record, "Room with a View." The tracks sound great and the record is being mixed as I write this. There should be some touring in 2014, so hope to see you soon.

Also, I just got back from Brazil, playing dates with Manny Charlton. The gigs went well, and I would like to thank Matt, Keith & Manny for letting me share the stage with you. I also want to thank Andreia, Danilo, Dan, Marco, Stone & Marcellus for making the trip smooth. Hope to see you guys next year when we come back.

A shout out also is in line for young Bob Nalbandian, a friend since the 80's and all around great guy, His presence can be seen in Inside L.A. Metal and heard on Hard radio, check him out.

Health, Wealth & happiness to all, Be Safe!
October 2012:
Hi everybody,

I'm writing to you from here in my hotel in sunny Chihuahua, Mexico. I'm down here playing a festival with Manny Charlton, The Scottish guitar player from Nazareth who has embarked on his solo career, has a new cd coming out that I played on, and has tour dates in America that I will be joining him on as well. his band has some great players including miss Robin DeLorenzo on vocals and Matt Fullove on drums. His cd should be out soon, grab it if you can.

A lot of you guys have been emailing me on the possibility of a Freak of Nature 20 year reunion next year in 2013. Well, I'm surprised at the demand and the inquiries–I want to be careful what I say here, but the band has met, and we'll see what the promoters come back with in terms of the dates and logistics. it would be cool to jam with some old mates on the same stage again.

I'll keep you posted on what's next–be well until next time!
February 2012:
I'm here in Macau, China doing some gigs with some talented players for a month working for PWE. I've played with Max before and he's still laying down a fat groove for me – always does. The guitarist and singer, whom I've never played with before, are fine musicians also hailing from Cleveland and Virginia by way of Nashville respectfully. Dave Baker on guitar, you can find him here:

Hire him if you need someone who does it all, from songwriting to singing, and is a good hang as well- Leland Grant is singing and is another young singer-songwriter with natural ability – He plays in a band called The Line with Dave and there currently playing on an American TV show called "The Voice". Check it here:

I was just at the NAMM show in Los Angeles and recently connected with some of my friends I haven't see in awhile. Vinny Appice, whom I used to play with in Dio, Paul Shortino, and Doug Aldrich to name a few – Thanks to Seymour Duncan for the hookup, your pickups rule!

I've been talking back and forth with my singer from Freak of Nature, Mike Tramp about getting the band back together- We've had some conflicting schedules of recent and hope to meet in the near future to discuss doing some gigs this summer in Europe and Japan, possibly America as well, if the demand is there and it makes sense to do it. Thanks to those who have contacted me and want FON 2012 - I'll keep you posted.

I wanted you guys to check out my wife's new website: I'm very proud of her and after a long time of building it and getting it together, it's finally up and running- Good job, Sweetie!

Stay safe and strong until next time!
November 2011:
Hi everybody,

I haven't had a chance to give you guys an update as I've been dealing with a lot lately – Everything is getting better now, though.

On August 15th, 2011, my father, Edgar N. Best, half of the reason I exist, left this world. Anyone who has to go through the loss of a parent knows what I'm talking about. There are no words. Usually, I don't publicly announce my personal business, but part of the healing process (for me anyway), is to acknowledge his passing, and think of all the positive things that he contributed selflessly for me and my family.

He was unique and a beautiful soul, and I think about him everyday. I was fortunate enough to be there for his last breath and he will never be forgotten- By me and others. Rest in Peace Pop, and please do something for the Philly Eagles, they need your help.

There's been some talk about Freak of Nature reforming in 2012 and doing dates in Europe, Japan and America.
Calls are being made to see if anyone cares and if the fans want it – What do you think? Some people I've talked to are excited, some aren't. We will get in a studio in January 2012 to see how it sounds and go from there.

I've been getting more students recently by word of mouth. It's a great feeling to watch them grow, and to know you're making a difference in their progress musically.

Lastly, I wanted to thank my partner in life, for being there for me in such tough times. I love you, Jo. Her business, Best Bet Promotions, is doing really well and she has some rather high profile clients currently including Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, and Journey, to name a few.

Great Holidays to Everyone and be Safe!
March 2011:
Thankfully, my phone has been ringing. PWE has been keeping me busy of late and now is adding a Rolling Stones tribute band to their roster. I'm channeling Bill Wyman and we knocked out the first gig at the Canyon Club in L.A. More shows will follow and it's quite fun to play with great musicians.

I also am playing with the Calabro brothers in another project or two that is getting work; And if I say myself it's always a great time when I play with those guys since they are so talented. A shout out to Chris Whitemyer (guitar tech GOD to the stars and overall general superstar) for giving me some bass gear that I needed. That guy always takes care of me and I love him for it.

As for my teaching, I've gotten a lot of new students and it's always gratifying to impart some of my experience- I'm also teaching an After School Rocks program at Hubbadaddy's studio that culminates in a live show for the students after a six week period.

Stay Great and Peaceful until next time...
September 2010:

Hi There,

I've been quite busy and I hope everyone is doing OK. The PWE people have kept me quite busy this summer and I'm grateful to them for the work- Thanks Jaime. A lot of nice folks working for him including Tony, Max, Kurt, Alex, Johnny, Cristian and Rich to name a few- You guys always made those gigs easy for me. My student list has been growing as well and I'm priviliged to work with some great and upcoming talent. Thanks goes to Kevin Cloud and Christy Calabro as well as staff @ Hubbadaddy's.

I've recently been working with a solo artist named Gary McGrath who is a Grammy Award winning songwriter. His record "Love is a four letter Word" went Gold in a few territories including England and he plans to take the current band on the road this year and next. I've also have been doing gigs with him and just recorded a fast version of Daydream Beleiver with Brian Friedman up @ Gari Studios up in Westlake Village.

I recently got a call from MTV asking permission to use some of the material I wrote with for Courtney Love in a "Behind the Music" episode. Nice to get paid on work you did years before. Also, I wanted to give a shout out to a friend and coworker over at World Music named Lee Hamilton. Thanks for your help and I'm sure we'll get a chance to have a play in the future.

In the meantime, Everyone be Good and I hope to see you soon in a town near you!

May 21st, 2010:
On May 16, 2010 the world lost a great soul named Ronnie James Dio. Arguably one of the finest singers ever, I was lucky enough to have played, toured and recorded with him. Always a consummate professional, His spirit and kindness towards his fans was priority one on a daily basis. The legacy of music he leaves behind will forever live on in the minds of millions - Condolences to his family, Wendy and the Niji organization. Rest in Peace, my friend.
Autumn 2009:

It's been awhile for me writing here and I hope everyone is fine. I've been keeping busy with a few projects during the summer and will do so into the new year. I was in Las Vegas recently playing in a show called "Rockstar: the Tribute" at the Planet Hollywood. What was supposed to be a long engagement turned into only 2 weeks due to the complete unorganization and lack of experience by the show's producers. Its too bad because there was a lot of good talent involved and it could have been quite successful. Thanks to Mike Szuter and Kenny Kanowski -- also Chas West. Nice to know you guys and I'm sure we'll work together in the future.

I've also been doing gigs with an artist named Brad Alden. A nice guy and talented singer-songwriter, we will also be writing some new material together. Thanks to his family and his bandmates as well. He has a new record coming out called "Return to Suburbia" -- pick it up if you can.

Recently, I've reconnected with some old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Joel Ellis, whom I worked with in Heavy Bones, recently found me on FB and we plan on getting together and doing some work. Also, my friend Reggie Boyle is an aspiring Rock Music writer -- you can reach him at My cousin, Dorian Crozier, rang me recently and has some Disney projects coming up in 2010. We sounded pretty rocking rhythm section wise on Tramp's first solo record "Capricorn". I'm looking forward to carving some grooves with him as he is fairly talented and has quite the studio at his pad.

Lastly, my friend, Mitch Martin, has been going through some very trying times emotionally as well as physically and I want to say that I love you and keep your head up. I'm there for you brother -- most things pass and I'm sure 2010 will be better for all us.

Until next time and Happy holidays!


Spring 2009:

Greetings and hope everybody is well in life. Times are certainly tough all around now. I'm just back from the BMA's (Blues Music Awards) held in Memphis, Tennessee (USA) every year. It was quite an experience and my thanks go to wife and Rand Chortkoff and his Delta Groove records for making it all possible. I met some great folks that certainly have done time in this business and are great players and warm souls as well. Larry "the Mole" Taylor, bassist for Canned Heat as well as playing Woodstock, was quite nice to befriend as well as Junior Watson. These guy's are legends and were as nice as they are talented. Junior sat next to me on the plane ride home and rapped with me the whole trip. A Big talent and nice Soul. Thanks, Junior. Check these Cats out.

I'm currently in between gigs and my cover band, CoverCharge, plays gigs every month. If you're in L.A. and want to check it out, drop me a line and I will keep you posted. Thanks to Dean, Chooch and Christian.

Have a great Summer and be well.


Fall 2008
Hi There-
Thanks for your emails. I try to respond in a timely fashion: which is not so easy all the time.

I just recently reconnected with a dear friend of mine from way back in the day who found me here-Raoul Klokow was a teenage friend who I met when I lived in North Carolina. My brother and I told him to start playing guitar so the 3 of us could jam and he actually paid me a very nice compliment saying that had it not been for us, his career in music would have not existed today.

I just played on a track that he emailed me written for a show airing on the Outdoor channel. I appreciate the work and better yet was the contact from the past- Thanks R to you and your fam.

I've seen some great gigs lately and waiting on the next biggest thing- Also, been busy recording on my Pro Tools rig and trying to become familiar with all the tricks it has to offer. Keeping my chops up at my Wednesday Night gargle-

I recently ran into Mike Mills from REM- Saw his gig and went to his house in L.A. as well. What a nice guy and underrated musician:He writes a lot as well as being a multi-instrutmentalist- Thanks R.

Be Good and I'll catch up to you guys-


Spring 2008

Hope everyone is well!

The White Lion tour went successfully. Much thanks to Jamie, Henning, Troy, Claus and Michael plus support and Love from Big Rick Bonin. We logged some miles and played some great gigs - Rocklahoma being one of them - that was also the last time I spoke to KD - RIP.

Since then I've hooked up with Perfect World Entertainment. Nice folks and looking forward to some work.

Also coming up is the Namm show - I will be checking in with some of my endorsements who regularly take care of me - Thanks so much!

Alex, Scott and Chris W. - you guys are great. I want to thank Jani Järvinen for taking care of me and this website, straight from the Arctic Circle (almost).

I just signed on with Rotosound strings out of England. They were actually my first endorsement years ago and I just reconnected with them. Thanks to Dan Roeber and his staff.

Lastly, I'd like to mention a dear friend of mine, Mitchell J. Martin. You're true until were through - Don't forget that.

Shouts out to Tom and Mick.


June 2007


I've just been informed that White Lion will no longer be the Support act for the Poison/Ratt summer tour.
I believe there still will be a White Lion tour this year.

I'll try and keep you guys updated.

Spring 2007

Hope everyone had a good new year. I'm currently working with a new artist, Kelly Harper. Thanks to Howie Rosen for calling me in on this gig.Y ou can check her on myspace. Some recording and touring probably will follow shortly as well as a new record.

On a different note, My buddy, Rangy, introduced me to Mr. Roger Daltrey. What a class act this guy is despite the fact The Who has probably sold over a 100 million records. He was cool and we spoke in his hotel room for a little bit.

I also just picked up a 1968 Gibson EB2 bass that I will get a photo of and post it. They didn't make too many of these and I'm lucky to have it.

Stay cool and I'll keep you posted.

Winter 2006

Hope you guys are doing well. I've been keeping busy filling in for some friend's of mine. Robert Lankau as been keeping me busy-I played with Stassi, a female singer from New York, filling in for Carmine Rojas. Also, Ana Sidel, has asked me to play. Both of these gig's feature Robert on guitar, and Joe Travers playing drums. Always nice to play with these guys as they are great players and like to have an occasional laugh-I also played on a record by Angie, her band called Orgasmical. It was produced by Johnny X, and should be available soon. Check it out.

On a different note, I need to acknowledge my brother Mick (Wally) Best for a loan of $500 bucks back when I was skinny, probably 25 years ago-I'm sorry, Mick, that I never mentioned how that loan bought me some gear I needed desparately at the time, as well as hitting you up during shop class at your high school... You didn't even flinch-I love you. I'm not sure I ever paid you back as well...

Have a great Holiday and may Peace be with you!

Summer 2006
Hope your enjoying your Summer. I've been keeping busy playing with my little cover band. Shouts out to Jay,Chooch,Dean and Robert-Thanks for putting up with me. I've also seen a few shows that I really liked-David Gilmour being one of them. This guy still has it despite age and time.

I've just got some new recording software I'm learning about. I've always wanted to do a record of some of my songs,and I hope I will be enabled to with these new programs-Cutting drums is a pain in the ass,and takes a long time;Thanks to Johnny Haro for giving me a cd of his drum tones and playing. Also,I wanted to thank Alex Perez and staff of Fender for building me a one-of-a-kind Jazz bass. What an amazing looking & playing bass! I haven't had time to respond to all my emails,but please be patient-I will get to them.

Peace out until next time!

May 2006


I've been away for awhile. Since I posted last, I've been keeping my chops up playing covers until the next big thing comes along. The Dr. Fines' have been jamming with an old bro of mine, none other then Mr. Dean Ortega. I've known Freddie for some time and he stepped in when I needed him. Fun time jamming Saturday nites @ SIR. Also, I was filling in for Bad Penny. They had a spat with their bassist and I bailed them out for a couple of months. I knew the minute they kissed and made up, they would let him back in.

It's funny when you help out, especially guys that have a short resume, the Respect factor gets lost in translation. My Manager told me not to help them because the cash was low, but I thought I was doing someone a favor. Never again. I never seen anyone take a Cover band so seriously as these guys. Little league. And they wanted to keep my number to sub; I'm sure the soundman @ the Cantina is available-after all, they listen to him as to who should play.

I'll check with you guys a little later - stay cool during summer!

December 2005

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope Peace finds you.

I've recently been playing gigs with my cover band, Dr. Fine. It's been fun. We'll see what the future holds for the Dr.

I also recently reconnected with James Barber. The last time we worked together was under cloudy circumstances with an out of control situation that could have turned out quite positive. This time around, the time spent was quite pleasant surrounded with professional people in a professional room. Matt Genovese is a gifted young singer-songwriter that has large talent. My expectations for him are high. Thanks to Christine, Jim, J Candy & Johnny. Sir J. Candy-always a pleasure. Jim-Nice Vision.

Hey Jim-Keep the spirit alive with this group of folks; Looking forward to the next session-Thanks for the call.

Have a great New Year and Peace!

October 2005

Hello from California:

Hope everyone got through it this summer. I'm glad to be Alive and Well unlike some of those poor folks in Louisiana. Lend a hand if you can. God,please take care of those people. Alot of us in America have it real good compared to other countries out there. Do some travelling and you'll see what I mean.

I've been doing alot of gigs recently including playing with some great folks. Thanks to Ana Sidel who had me fill in for mr. Carmine Rojas @ the Knitting Factory. She's a great singer & performer with some great players. Such a sweet soul-Drums by mr. Joe Travers and guitar noise by Robert Lankau. Nice to reconnect with Joe as we toured on the same bill back in 1993 (some crazy times in Hamburg). Nice party care of Eva.

Also, been staying busy with the Dr. Fine camp. Some great players, too that I have a great time playing with. Some cool jams on any given night, including Felix and Jay's buddy, Steve. Have you heard J.D.? If not, find him and check him out. Great player and all-around talented guy. Always some great jams late night.

I also wanted to mention a few gigs I played with Mr. Dean Ortega recently. It was just guitar and vocals and was such a cool vibe and nice blend for a change. Nice family outing in the woods. Thanks to you and your fam--we love you guys.

I've also made a few guitar purchases that I will get some pix of in the gear section soon.

Peace & Out for now.


May 2005

Greetings: Hope everyone is well. I've been keeping busy and haven't had a chance to update my site. Got a chance to jam @ The Mint with some folks including Carmine Rojas. He was quite kind to let me blow through his rig. If you don't know about Carmine, he is a world class player as well as a class-act and played for some heavy folks back in the day as well as currently. Check him out if you get the chance.

Dr. Fine has some gigs coming up:

  • The Londoner pub, Friday, June 10 th in Santa Clarita.
  • Doc’s Inn, Saturday, June 18 th in Santa Clarita and Friday, July 29 th.

If you get a chance, stop by and say hello.

Recently got to check out J.D., a bass player I met through some mutual friends, playing with Ritchie Kotzen. He was smoking as was the band and if you can check them, prepared to get schooled.

Hey Chris--congrats on the gig with Beck. I like that new record.

Peace everybody, have a great summer!


January 2005

Hope Everyone had a great Christmas & Happy New Year. I know I did. I played a few gigs filling in for some friends of mine, The Weekend Warriors. Thanks to Dean, JJ and Scott for some good music and a few drinks.

As always in January, The NAMM show hits Los Angeles and brings out every muso under the sun. This year was no different as you get to see what everyone currently is doing. Ran into some folks including Eric Singer, Brian Tischy, Johnny D., and other assorted characters (which would take too long to list here) - Thanks DT and Robert for a good hang.

The bar at the Hilton is always the place to be after the show, not to mention the numerous, sporadic jams that take place in & around the Convention center. This is always network central for players, and this year was no different - in fact, most are older, fatter & drunker, with a little less hair.

I did get a call from my old boss who needed a bass track to contribute demo-wise for a new album coming out hopefully this year. I will keep you guys posted on this one as I think she’s in the right place now and hoping it will stay that way, for her sake.

Last thing I wanted to mention was a gig I saw last week in Malibu. Farm Fur is a collective, MAJOR talented band consisting of the brothers DeLeo, Steve from AWB, as well as Alex from Carlos Santana’s band. Talk about some serious talent on that tiny stage, these guys ripped from the first note. They also had a horn section, keys, and a second guitarist giving them quite the full sound.

Dean and Robert are two of the nicest guys out there these days playing relevant music. Robert is such an underrated bassist - I hope he reads this because I think he rips and doesn’t even realize the other bassists’out there that are sweating because of his talent… Dean is just a badass, although the other guitarist was making him work that night. Thanks to Mike and DT for a nice night out…


September 2004

Hope everyone had a great summer. Dr Fine managed to squeeze in a few gigs locally with the new concept of the ever-revolving drummer.Anyone out there care to join our "Fine" mess should contact me here.Never too serious and always having a good time are the pre-requisites for this gig.

I happened to get together with some old mates and record in August.We convened at Glenwood Place in Burbank to cut these tracks.The studio and the staff we're the Best, and I would highly recommend this studio to anyone-Great Vibe. Unfortunately, the Black-Eyed Peas left some candles burning and the big room caught fuego. I heard the damage was minor and hopefully it will be up & running in no time.

Shouts out to Johnny,KK and Jaime for a great experience -- The Matt experience that is -- Thanks for your help!...

Jaime's tones are great and I am sure glad you we're able to help me out on this project. Just a little info on Jaime Candiloro... Engineered & somewhat Produced the "Rock & Roll" record by Ryan Adams-If you haven’t heard this record,you should steal it or download it or whatever you have to do to get it, because it is a great piece of work. Also, listen to the last few REM records he was involved in... Great talent.

On a different note,got a chance to meet Lee Ritenour as well as Marc Bonilla (Thanks -- David). Two fine guitarists as well as nice souls. Check out their work. Also, I just purchased a Lion bootleg from the first Japanese tour we did in 1987. It's an audience tape, but I think the band sounds tight.

I also hear from the Courtney camp that things are starting to sound great and she's going to do some shows soon. I met her new bassist and I'm told the rehearsals are coming together well.


May 2004

One of my songs, "I'll Do Anything", from Courtney's record, will be used for the Virgin upcoming soundtrack release as well as use in the "The Simple Life" T.V. program with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The CD release should be available June 15, 2004.

I have also signed on with Chad Jensen of Allclear to administer my publishing worldwide.


April 2004

Welcome to my new site! 2 years of long nights and hard work finally came to fruition with the release of "Americas Sweetheart" by Courtney Love on Virgin records. This record developed in many parts of the world and took on many forms before what you finally hear today. I could not have been a part of this project had it not been for Chris Whitemyer. I thank you deeply on a business level as well as a personal level.

I think this record turned out fairly well with everything considered. I ended up co-writing half of the record which I am grateful to get credit for. Some great tracks of mine didn't make the final cut, however, one riff, "Fly" did make it on the Japanese copy as the prerequisite track for release in their country only. Check it out.

Currently, I'm involved with 2 projects: The 1st project is a band of heavy blues covers called "Dr. Fine" with the infamous Mr. David Tedds leading the charge and including Jay Meierstein on guitar and Dave "Chooch" Chuchian on the skins. This is quite a blast for me as there are no guidelines whatsoever and I get to roll off all my tone and play with fingers on everything.

The 2nd project I'm involved with is my old friend, Kenny Korade. His band is called "The Surge", and it is all of his new material with me playing on some tracks and contributing some bass lines. His intention is a solo release as an EP right now, however turning into a LP later on. Jaime Candiloro has mixed this and sonically, it's sounding good.