When Courtney summoned me to come to Hawaii in February, 2003 to play and write songs, I had 2 songs with me: The "Woo-Hoo riff, and "Fly". I had been working on these in my bedroom studio and hadn't shown these riffs to anyone. I told Clove the idea I had about making the chorus around saying "Ah-huh" in a very low, breathy, kind of sexual way. Also, the chords were similar to "Teen Spirit" and in the same key-However, what your hearing now is not the intended rhythm I had played (It's too down-beat, when it should have been played all up-beat with pushes). This would have come out differently had I supervised my riff before going to mixdown; It got reduced instead of produced. Anyway, Clove loved the idea and later told me I could bank on my kids going to an Ivy-League school based on how this riff was going to turn out.

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